Clinical Management System

In healthcare industry Patient – Physician relationship is unique and is developed on trust. Physicians use their knowledge for the betterment of mankind which helps them to derive satisfaction and happiness. Patients in turn depend on doctors for relief from ailments and desire personalized care.

The advancement in medical technology and advent of unprecedented changes has increased the challenges and pressures faced by medical professionals. With new ailments being diagnosed every day and increased medications, doctors are hard pressed for time in terms of continually updating themselves and delivering high quality patient care.

Solution – Clinic Intelli CMS

Clinic Intelli Clinical Management System (CMS) is an efficient application designed to help doctors, clinics and hospitals effectively manage and seamlessly integrate their operations to deliver exceptional patient care.

Being a value added smart solution; Clinic Intelli CMS reduces the time spent by doctors in handling essential but mundane administrative paper work; so that their precious time can be utilized in providing high-quality patient care.

How Is Clinic Intelli CMS Different?

The healthcare application market today is overcrowded. Several HMS products are available in the market. But most of these systems are disparate in nature, run on legacy applications, are offered as standalone systems and are not scalable.

Clinic Intelli CMS is a web based application developed with the guidance of experienced panel of doctors. Built on latest technology to provide security and scalability, the application has modules to manage appointments, consulting, referrals, surgery planning, lab, pharmacy management and much more.

Our study has revealed that by implementing ‘Clinic Intelli CMS’ the doctor per patient time gets reduced by 70%. Also, the doctor can attend to more number of patients without compromising on the quality of treatment and care. The application can be customized and used in single doctor operated clinics as well as multi specialty clinics.