Lab Information System

Lab Information System

Given the extremely competitive environment, we understand that pathologists and lab owners are losing sleep over multiple challenges haunting them every day. Primary areas of concern include faster processing of sample, dealing with the unpredictability of number of samples to be processed on a daily basis for planning resource and reagents and most of all the need to grow and scale the business to multiple centers and cities, fast.

Simplify Daily Operations

Time is on your side. Get accurate results in the shortest possible duration.Track samples in real time: The lab technician handles innumerable samples everyday. Running several tests and tracking each one of them can be arduous. The Workflow Manager in Clinic Intelli LIS automates the sample handling process as soon as it is collected and barcoded, allowing the technician to track it in real time. Now slash down the standby time and eliminate confusion over where the sample is and where it goes next.

Process entire batches at one go: One of the most time consuming processes is the sample transfer that involves registering the samples to be sent out from the collection center, and re-registering after receipt at the processing center. Clinic Intelli LIS features a unique batchsheet-based sample tracking model, wherein a single barcode is assigned to an entire batch of samples being transferred to the processing center.

Screen entire batches at once, eliminating the re-registration process, saving hours of sample processing time.

More time to focus on critical reports: Pathologists and doctors approving reports can save significant time with our unique auto-authorization feature that automatically approves reports with normal values. Only reports that have abnormal values are sent for doctor’s authorization saving significant workload and time.

Optimize Productivity

Get the logistics right: Ensure the right samples reach the correct processing centers at the earliest possible time. The efficient logistics management solution in Clinic Intelli LIS assigns unique barcodes to each sample and notifies the processing centers as soon as the samples are registered at the collection center, making it possible to allocate resources, reagents and material even before the samples reach the processing center. This not only leads to a dramatic drop in the cost per test and the turn around time, but also helps labs service more patients in a shorter timeframe.

Integrate devices to automate: Exponentially improve your efficiency by integrating your lab equipment and devices on a single secure platform. Allow data to automatically transfer from the device to the LIS system, eliminating laborious manual effort, saving time and reducing human error.

Save lives: Every minute is precious when it comes to handling test reports indicating values that pose a threat to a patient’s life. Clinic Intelli LIS includes a unique panic alert solution that allows the system to send an automated alert to the referring physician. This allows the doctor to take action on their critical patients immediately, serving as a lifesaving function.

Simplify Daily Operations

Schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments in a jiffy: Clinic Intelli's calendars facilitate scheduling and tracking of all your patient appointments by consultant, treatment, center, and/or equipment. View and update appointment confirmations, or let our auto e-mail confirmation tool take care of that for you. Access the most efficient and fastest scheduling tool on the go and improve your operational efficiency exponentially.

Accommodate all payment modes on a single platform: The maximum complications in administration arise in the payment and billing section. Clinic Intelli's robust billing module is designed to handle large number of patients efficiently by minimizing delays and reducing the time required to settle the bill. Further, mapping different insurance clients for credit customers eliminates confusion and error in the billing, making it easier for the cashier to handle the complexities.

Delight your medical professionals: Doctors, nurses and other staff in hospitals track different metrics and providing them all with the same data leads to them spending a lot of time scanning through all the information to get what they want. Clinic Intelli provides customized dashboards for physicians and other professionals, providing them the information they care the most about. In addition to making operations smoother and reducing errors, it saves significant time.